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Shutters can be painted any color

Window Shutter Color

Plantation shutters are made from primed wood components and can be painted any color. Most often shutters are painted to match color of the trim around your windows.

Shutter Colors Img 01 Shutters painted to match the trim appear to be an extension of the window trim.

Standard Shutters Colors

Acadia offers dozens of the most common colors as standard colors so that you avoid the hassle of customer color matching. Shutters painted a standard colors are often produced more quickly.

Sample Colors To make selecting the right color easy for you, Acadia offers dozens of standard colors

Our Paint for Shutters


The best paint jobs start with a lot of prep work. Our painted shutters are constructed of primed hardwood components with 3 coats of primer.  Once shutters panels are assembled, each panel is carefully checked for any minute flaws or blemishes and these are corrected before the top coat of paint is applied.
The paint and primer are specially formulated for shutters.  Both are water based. This means that they are more environmentally friendly than oil-based or lacquer paints.  The color is far more stable than other paints so that you don’t see the fading or discoloration over time that is common with oil based paints. They also have lower VOCs than other paints, which leads to a healthier environment inside your home.   Finally, the paints have UV inhibitors so that they can withstand the harsh sunlight that shutters are exposed to

Shutter Colors 04

Custom Color Matching

If none of our standard colors are good match, we can custom color match your shutters to any color you’d like.
The most accurate matches start with paint that was used to paint your trim.  If you still have this, we’ll first take a fresh paint sample. Then, 1-2 weeks after you have placed your order, you will receive a color strike of the paint color in the mail.
To ensure a good match, you’ll want to check this color strike against the trim everywhere where your shutters will be placed throughout your house.  Be sure to let us know as soon as you receive the sample – custom color matching is one of the most common reason shutter production is delayed.

Stained Plantation Shutters

Acadia can also stain plantation shutters a variety of colors.  If you plan to mount shutters to either trim or a door that is stained, choosing stained shutters of a complimentary color is a popular choice.
Stained shutters begin with components made from un-primed basswood.  Basswood is the same hardwood that wood blinds are made from.  It offers a clear grain that stains very well and compliments many other types of wood.