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Designer Partnerships

One of the benefits of installing window treatments in fine homes is the opportunity it offers us to work with top designers.

Acadia Shutters has built our business based on partnerships with professional designers and decorators. We work closely with professionals to integrate custom plantation shutters and other window treatments into their designs.

We understand that your relationship with your clients is your’s alone.  So we leave it to you alone to determine how we work with your clients.

And you can be confident that we’ll keep your clients happy.  Just see our many exceptional online reviews and you’ll see that making customers happy is what we do best.

Acadia Offers Designers Two Partnership Models


The affiliate model is the easiest for designers.  You simply refer your  client to us and we’ll take it from there.

Acadia will schedule in-home consolatations with your clients and walk them through each of the various window treatment products and options. We’ll also measure and prepare a quote for your client.   If you’d like, we can include a designer markup in the price of the shutters.


This model offers designers the option to directly re-sell our products to your client.

At your preference, we can meet with either you or your client or both for consultations. We’ll prepare a quote for either you or your client or both. And, of course, we’ll take care of the measurements and installation.

Acadia Designer Services

  • Dedicated support

    Acadia will assign you to a dedicated sales consultant and installation specialists who will assist you and your clients.

    Payment Options

    Bill your clients directly or let Acadia Shutters take care of billing clients.


    Acadia will provide accurate, comprehensive estimates with quick turnaround times.

    Quote Preparation

    Acadia prepares all quotes electronically so that they can be emailed to you and your clients. This saves you time. It also offers clients an intuitive, organized and informative sales contract.

  • Training

    Acadia will meet with you to train you on the ins and outs of design, sales and installation of shutters.

    Sales Assistance

    At your option, Acadia will send a sales consultant to meet with you & your clients.


    No need to find an installer, installation is bundled with the window treatments we sell.

    Design Consultation

    Acadia sales consultants can offer you advice on all shutters options including: color selection, louver selection, hardware color options, mounting, installing, etc.

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