At Acadia Shutters, we have seen a years-long trend of increased interest in window shades of all types. Shades provide a number of advantages over blinds, shutters, and drapery – and numerous styles and customizable options to satisfy any homeowner’s needs. Extensive fabric, lift and opacity options make shades a versatile choice that fit seamlessly in virtually all interior designs.

Light-Filtering Roller Shades Provide a Sleek Look that Unifies this Contemporary Dining Room

There are a range of shades to fit any style or function:

  • Roller shades: a pull-down window treatment with extensive fabrics and textures to choose from.
  • Roman shades: a traditional cotton or synthetic fabric window treatment with distinctive and attractive folds.
  • Cellular shades: aka ‘honeycomb shades’, pleated window treatments with an insulating, cellular design for increased energy efficiency.
  • Woven shades: aka ‘natural woven shades’, ‘bamboo shades’, or ‘woven wood shades’: Shades created using sustainable woven fibers like reeds, bamboo and grasses that provide a natural appearance.
  • Zebra/layered shades: Shades made with alternating bands of sheer and opaque materials that provide both light and privacy control.

Zebra Shades that Elevate the Look of this Contemporary Home

Woven Shades that Compliment the Modern Style of this Home

Designer Roman Shades Accentuate the Neutral Tones of this Traditional Home

Between the different shade types, there are countless fabric, pattern and texture combinations that can breathe life into any homeowner’s interior design vision. Roller shades and Roman shades offer the greatest variety of colors and patterns that compliment any interior design concept. For example, a sleek roller shade pattern would be perfect for a modern home, while the organic fibers of a natural woven shade would emphasize the eclectic nature of bohemian or farmhouse interior designs. The visual choices available for roller shades combined with their affordability and ease-of-use contribute to the growing interest in shades.

“Many people want a clean and crisp window treatment that reflects their interior design choices and personality. Shades have a wide selection of colors and patterns that resonate with [homeowners]. And virtually all aspects of window shades are customizable – whereas shutters and blinds just do not have the versatility to fit every interior design concept.”

~Wil Spears, Sales Manager

A Small Sample of the Variety of Natural Woven Shade Materials

Most shade types offer a diverse selection of opacity options to choose from for customized privacy and light-filtering. Opacity, the level of transparency in a shade, is determined by how sheer the fabric or shade material is. Opacity options are available in a wide range, with some shades having sheer and semi-sheer options while others have blackout and room darkening options. The opacity of a shade will determine the level of privacy one can expect, with blackout and room darkening options providing the greatest amount of privacy. The opacity level will be specific to the shade type, which can be explored in-depth with a free in-home consultation with an Acadia Shutters representative.

Another advantage of shades is the top down/bottom up feature. These shades can be lowered from the top or raised from the bottom. For example, the shade can be positioned to cover the bottom of the window while leaving the top uncovered. The shade provides views from the top and privacy at the bottom.

Top Down / Bottom Up Cellular Shades that Maximize Natural Light Control and Privacy

Numerous lift options are another reason for the growth in shade popularity. Most people are familiar with corded lift systems, identical to the corded lifts found on blinds. A corded lift is a cord attached to the window treatment that raises and lowers a shade or blind when pulled or released. Unlike some blinds, shades can incorporate child and pet-friendly alternative lift options that eliminate unnecessary and potentially dangerous cords.

  • Continuous loop: A lift mechanism that uses a continuous cord loop to raise and lower the shade, allowing for smooth and effortless control.
  • Cordless: A lift that eliminates the need for cords or chains to operate the shade. Instead, it relies on a push or pull motion on the bottom, making it a safer option while providing a clean and uncluttered look.
  • Motorized: A lift that involves an electric motor integrated into the shade, allowing for remote or app control of shade movement. The motorized lift option provides homeowners a sleek and elevated atmosphere.

“I believe the best window shade feature are motorized lifts. They are popular among parents who want a child-safe window treatment, as well as those with hard-to-reach windows. They work particularly well on roller shades, and create a sophisticated atmosphere.”

~Wil Spears, Sales Manager

Motorized Roller Shades are Modern, Safe and Convenient

Many people decide to install shades instead of blinds or shutters because of the better views they offer. Most shades, when raised, have a smaller profile than blinds and obstruct less of the view than shutters.

Cellular shades offer the additional benefit of being the most energy efficient window treatment option. The built-in air pockets act as a blanket – trapping conditioned air inside and reducing the impact of outside temperatures on the home’s internal temperatures. The reduced energy costs outweigh the one-time, yet affordable, cost of cellular shade installation for many homeowners.

Close-Up of the Energy-Reducing Insulating Pockets in Cellular Shades

Eco-conscious homeowners are often drawn toward natural woven shades made of renewable resources. Natural woven shades, often called bamboo shades, bamboo blinds, and woven wood shades, are made of sustainable natural fibers that are woven into shades.

Woven shades offer homeowners an attractive edge banding – an optional fabric tape around the edge of woven shades. The banding is available in a wide selection of colors that homeowners can personalize to their tastes. It is fabric tape around the edge of the woven shade. It strengthens the edges, and prevents damage to the woven fibers.

The Renewable, Natural Fibers of Woven Shades with Edge Banding for a More Sophisticated Finish

With the extensive array of benefits, light-filtering options, and colors and patterns to choose from, it is apparent why people are opting for shades over other window treatments. Homeowners are looking outside the limited options offered on Amazon or at Home Depot, and are flocking to improve their interior designs with Acadia Shutters.

“Shades are popular because they can be installed on virtually any window frame, offer a wide pricing range for budgets of all sizes, and they have customizable options that can raise the standard of all shades. And with Acadia Shutters, we offer a lifetime limited warranty that ensures the functionality through our manufacturer, Graber.”

~Ben Stephens, Sales Consultant

If you are interested in learning more, viewing samples in your home, and pricing and design advice specific to you, we are here to help. Call and schedule your free consultation with Acadia Shutters to get you on your path to window shade ownership.