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Plantation Shutters Options » Divider Rails

Shutters can be built with either a divider rail, split tilt rod, or neither.
Divider Rail

Divider Rail Shutters

2 1/2 inch louvers offer a slightly more traditional look.


Divider rails add strength to the panel and, for this reason, are required for panels over 6 feet tall.

Split Tilt Rod

Split Tilt Rod – Plantation Shutters

Acadia also offers a split tilt rod option. Louvers in panels are divided into two sections, each with its own tilt rod but without a divider rail separating the upper and lower section.


Split tilt rods offer the same advantage as divider rails: The upper and lower section of louvers can be opened and closed independently of one another. Leaving off the divider rail allows slightly more light in when the louvers are open.

No Divider Rail

No Divider Rail – Plantation Shutters

Shutter Panels can be built without a divider rail. Though this option does not offer the control over light and privacy that divider rails do, it’s the most popular option because of its convenience.


All louvers can be opened and closed more quickly.