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Plantation Shutters Options

  • Louver Size

    Louvers are the horizontal movable slats built into each shutters panel. Shutters can be built with either 2 1/2", 3 1/2", or 4 1/2" inch louvers.

    Louver Size
  • Panel Width

    Most common window widths can be covered by either a single wide panel or two panels.

    Panel Width
  • Divider Rails

    A divider rail divides the bottom section of louvers from the top section so that each section of louvers can be opened or closed independently.

    Divider Rails
  • Shutter Colors

    Shutters can be painted any color but are usually painted to match the color of the trim around your windows.

    Shutter Colors
  • Hardware

    Acadia offers a wider variety of hinge colors. Most folks match their hinge color to the color of the hardware installed throughout their house.

  • Cafe Height Shutters

    Cafe height refers to shutters built to cover the lower half of a window. This style offers a more informal appearance.

    Cafe Height Shutters
  • Twin Windows

    Twin windows that are framed within a few inches of each other and can be configured with either open center panels or as double bi-fold.

    Twin Windows
  • Triple Windows

    Shutters mounted on 3 or more side by side windows can be covered with a single frame partitioned vertical t-posts.

    Triple Windows
  • Double Hung

    Double hung shutters are two stacked panels This allows the top panels to be opened against the wall while the bottom panels stay in place

    Double Hung
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